We love teeth!

Laughing, eating, talking – good teeth are simply indispensable and make life worth living. From major orthodontic work to regular check-ups, we do everything to ensure that you can enjoy this feeling to the full. Our perfectly coordinated team is always ready, with all our energy and skill, to help you.

Dr. med. dent. Aleksandra Bittner, dentist, speciality: dental aesthetics
Born in Latvia, my dentistry degree and experience were gained in both Latvia and Germany. I believe in the highest quality dentistry and will be happy to treat you in a range of languages.

Dr. med. dent. Hala Abdelatif Shaban M.Sc., dentist, speciality: periodontology / gingivitis, periodontitis and periimplantitis therapy
During my 10 years of work at the Dresden University Hospital I was comprehensively involved in sophisticated and multi-faceted dental care treatments. With this significant know-how I am your trustful point of contact either in German, Arabic or English.

Das Ärzteteam

Aleksandra Bittner

Dr. med. dent. Aleksandra Bittner Inhaberin

Hala Abdelatif Shaban

Dr. med dent. Hala Abdelatif Shaban Parodontologin

Lydra Domi Krelani

Lydra Domi Krelani Zahnärztin, Vorbereitungsassistentin

Das Praxismanagementsteam

Anna Treskina

Anna Treskina Rezeption/ Verwaltung

Anja Schulze

Anja Schulze Abrechnung/ Verwaltung

Viktoriia Korolew

Viktoriia Korolew Rezeption

Das Prophylaxeteam

Kristina Fleischer

Kristina Fleischer Zahnmedizinische Prophylaxeassistentin

Heike Hähner

Heike Hähner Zahnmedizinische Prophylaxeassistentin

Das Assistenzteam

Anna Wolff

Anna Wolff

Celia Diller

Celia Diller

Anke Zirnstein

Anke Zirnstein

Natalia Faer

Natalia Faer